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an invitation to dream and travel

The design of the exterior spaces was entrusted to Dominique Lafourcade, the fairy of which the gardens dream.

The garden of Mas de Campe develops, dense and compartmentalized, around the house and its outbuildings, extending the living spaces, to then link and merge gradually with the surrounding nature. About twenty different garden areas have been identified and created. All have a defined role for the pleasure or relaxation of its visitors. Dominique Lafourcade, who loves the gardens of the South and a certain art of living, never loses sight of Horace's teachings: "Whoever combines the beautiful and the useful, simplicity and grandeur, has not acted in vain".

Put all your senses to the party by visiting the Provençal Garden, the Meditation Garden or the Mexican Garden.

jardin provencal-2-(paysage).jpg


olive trees, lavender and iceberg roses

This garden provokes a first emotion when one is welcomed to the Mas de Campe, by crossing the Alley, lined with cypresses of Provence and umbrella pines.

The hexagonal fountain immediately sets the scene, surrounded by iceberg roses, lavender, and bordered by the Field of Olive Trees.


For sure, we are in Provence!

Jardin provençal
jardin provencal-3-(16_9).jpeg


to find your inner peace in the shade of the straw huts 

As you walk through the front door, framed by bamboo trees, you are immediately transported to Asia. On stilts, two thatched huts house a lounge area as well as an outdoor bar, and frame a 6-seat Jacuzzi.


The wooden terrace overlooks a natural pond in which Koi carp wander among the water lilies.

Zen gardens, or dry gardens (karesansui), as they are called in Japan, made of sand, rocks and moss, complete the harmony of the place.


Respect the Asian tradition and relax for a few moments in the Tea Garden by crossing the wooden footbridge over the stream.

Jardin de la méditation
jardin mexicain-2-(paysage).jpeg


drinking a tequila around the brasero

Change of region, change of colors, change of style!

The journey continues as you pass through the door of the Mexican Garden. With its antique bell and hanging sisal hats, it feels like one of the first haciendas founded by the Spanish during the colonization of Mexico. 


While the cacti and agaves need very little water, the central fountain soothes us with its continuous splashing sound. 

The place is ideal for gathering your loved ones over a tequila shot, consumed in moderation. 

As the coolness settles in the night, the brazier allows you to continue your evening until dawn...

Jardin mexicain
jardin mexicain-4-(paysage).jpeg
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